Killer Smile
back in the day I'd really miss now it's really not my style
a ten but all too young for me maybe I'm in denial
even if we had a thing and it lasted fora while
leaves us second guessing and all for a killer smile
sweet talk well I can't pretend I'm to say the least beguiled
and maybe come too far to bend to go the extra mile
alluring as this all may he Its seems so infantile
just blow me a good night kiss and leave me with your killer smile
it feels so right to surrender such a night it's now or never
treat me nice love me tender no more love letters returned to sender
in may september love affairs there's more than meets the eye
never dream, I'd have a prayer afraid of humble pie
this time I must decline my friend and Join the rank and file
the hero get' his in the end and all for a killer smile