Doncha Wanna Dance
better mind your Ps and Qs cos I can really bustamove
kowtow to the queen o the old soft shoe
lead and be the man as only I can-can
would this prima donna ever miss a cue
deja vu so lets all boogaloo
doncha wanna dance doncha really wanna dance
a toast to amazing masquerades and unbelievable charades
the historionic triumph no 2 ways
for your grand finale a burlesque travesty
ah you saved the last danse macabre for me whoopee
so let's all shake and shimmy
the diva in disguise applauding your demise
the jezabel of the ball 4 my swan dive
1st prnalze re-immortalnalsed
a> tile final curtain mops you re crucified
all high five aw c'mon an jive