Since you went away

Early in the morning
Before the break of day
you never gave me a warning
That you were going away

Ohh one of these mornings
There's gonna be a judgement day
Then all the things you have done me
Ooh!we get them back that day

'Cause now I feel so lonely
Thats how I feel to day
Ooh! Since you went away

How could you leave me
how could you leave me all alone
Woo! You didn't even bother
to call me on the telephone
your so hard baby
Ooh! You couldn't care for me

Ooh! Well this life it sure ain't easy
Ooh! Sweet talking back to me

Cause I feel so lonely
That's how I feel today
Ooh! Since you went away

Ooh! Since you went away
How come it's always so bad
Always thinking your so glad
Ooh! hanging on to sad

Ohh early in the morning
you'll come back one day
Right back you left me
without a thing to say

Ooh! If I can make you happy
Ooh! If I feel some thee
Ooh! So much misery

Ooh! You give me misery