Jack O'Lantern    
    Ya makin up the time that ya lost on de record machine An scarin all the ladies half to death wi' ya new blue jeans    
    You got the cheek of old Nick you do
Coz your daddies doing porridge in the scrubs now
All on account of the job that ya pulled on a Halloween
    But you can fix it.    
    It was a Halloween night and Jack was a seeking his prey
He was stalking all the rooftops just a tryin to see the ladies at play
    An Jack was wearing his daddies clothes
So the squealers would mistake him for his Pa now
And the very same day his dad was copped for the dirty deed
    Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern change your evil ways
Your window lovin your window lovin nineteen times a day
    You better raise your sights just a little bit higher To give your Mama just a little bit brighter day    
    She needs a brighter day