Mama don't ya worry
Bout a little time that we had
Baheh in a hurry
T'make our good thing last
Hey my brother stop telling me
About where I'm at and I'm supposed to he
    So rap on    
    Maybe better move on
Down to try and coax her hack
And maybe she found another cat
    And that ain't where it's at
Oh God woncha tell me what
    I can say T'bring dat lady hack to stay    
    Lady woncha bring it on home    
    Your love after a while    
    Love don't he shy    
    Papa I'm a cryin
What more can I do
Mama I ain't lyin
If I lose her I am through
Hey my on I gotta get it together
    A cable. gram or a word or a letter    
    Rap on    
    Mama is that the mailman
What's that cable say
Sonny she's a comin
Comin home to stay
Hey my brother gonna shout about it
    Hey my mama gonna scream about it    
    Lady is a bringin on home    
    Her love after a while    
    She ain't gonna he shy