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1972 A)Wells Fargo
B)Theme from "A Few Dollars More
1973 A)Ain't That Livin
B)We Are Holding On
1974 A)If Heaven's on Beauty's Side
B)Doctor Love
1974 A)Wells Fargo
B)The Mexican
1975 A)Private Number
B)Somebody's Nobody
1976 A)Elusive
B)Say No More
1976 A)The Duchess of New Orleans
B)The Jack O'Lantern
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A) Wells Fargo   A) Ain't That Livin'   A) If Heaven's on Beauty's Side
B) Theme from "A Few Dollars More   B) We Are Holding On   B) Doctor Love
Year 1972   Year 1973   Year 1974
Label Harvest   Label Harvest   Label Harvest
Cat # HAR5061   Cat # HAR 5072   Cat # HAR 5082
A) The Mexican   A) Private Number   A) Elusive
B) Wells Fargo   B) Somebody's Nobody   B) Say No More
Year 1974   Year 1975   Year 1976
Label Odeon (Brazil)   Label Harvest   Label Capitol
Cat # S7i-3351   Cat # HAR 5090   Cat # 4219
A) The Duchess of New Orleans            
B) The Jack O'Lantern / Turquoise            
Year 1976            
Label Harvest            
Cat #              
... and the big question is...
    ... according to an inlay to a Babe Ruth compilation (BGOCD 491) this was Babe Ruth's first single...
...I don't think so