1972 - Wells Fargo / Theme From "A Few Dollars More"
Label: Harvest
Catalog#:   1J 006.5235
Format:   Vinyl, EP, Stereo
Country:   Spain
Released:   1972
Genre:   Rock ?
Style:   Classic Rock ?
Other Information:

There is information on the web saying that this is Babe Ruth, but it is not it is Baby Ruth. If anyone can give me more info about this band and this single I would be grateful.

All information is taken from the original albums which I own, I have decides not to trust anything on the web unless i can get it confirmed in any other way. For example on some pages it says that Elusive was Babe Ruth's first single not to mention Ruperts Magic Feather!!!!

Number Title Songwriter(s)   Number Title Songwriter(s)
1. Wells Fargo alan Shacklock   2. Theme From & "A Few Dollars More" Ennio Morricone