Mark Hype & Jim Dunloop - The Mexican  
Label: Warlock records
Catalog#:   War.018
Format:   Vinyl,12"P, Stereo
Country:   USA
Released:   1982
Genre:   Rock
Style:   Classic Rock
Recorded at Loud House Studio 
Mixed at T.T.O. Studio 
Publishing: Tank Music (BMI), ProDisc Music (BMI) and New York Style Music (BMI)

Other Information:
  All information is taken from the original albums which I own, I have decides not to trust anything on the web unless i can get it confirmed in any other way. For example on some pages it says that Elusive was Babe Ruth's first single not to mention Ruperts Magic Feather!!!!
Number Title     Number Title  
1. Dreams of Santa Anna (Extended mix)   3. The texican (Club dub mix)
2. The texican (Club mix)        
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