Re-Releases: First Base / Amar Cabellero
Label: BGO Records
Catalog#:   BGOCD382
Format:   CD, Stereo
Country:   UK
Released:   1998
Genre:   Rock
Style:   Classic Rock
Other Information:
  All information is taken from the original albums which I own, I have decides not to trust anything on the web unless i can get it confirmed in any other way. For example on some pages it says that Elusive was Babe Ruth's first single not to mention Ruperts Magic Feather!!!!
1 Wells Fargo Alan Shacklock
2 The Runaways Alan Shacklock / David Whiting
3 King Kong Frank Zappa
4 Black Dog Jessie Winchester
5 The Mexican Alan Shacklock
  a Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu (Interpolating) Morricone
6 Joker Alan Shacklock
7 Lady Alan Shacklock
8 Broken Cloud Alan Shacklock / Jenny Haan
9 Gimme Some Leg Alan Shacklock / Jenny Haan
10 Baby Pride Alan Shacklock / Jenny Haan
11 Cool Jerk Storball
12 We Are Holding Alan Shacklock
13 Doctor Love Alan Shacklock
14 Amar Caballero Alan Shacklock
  - El Caballero De La Reina Isabella Alan Shacklock / Jenny Haan
  - Hombre De La Guitana Alan Shacklock
  - El Testament De 'Amelia Traditional arr. Llobet